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ALMOLTA8A administration has established the ( Games & trivia ) section as a subsection of the English Forum which mainly aims to the advancement and strengthening of our English *besides recreating an atmosphere of fun * joy and glamour to all members . But there are certain rules that you must consider in order to upgrade the section and prevent any potential problems

Before posting any game ; please consider the following

* Make sure that (the game) you're planning to post is not repeated before* otherwise we will
have to move it to the Archive .

* The idea should be valuable and of a good use to the members . Don't post any game that aims
only to the waste of time .

* Consider the teaching of our Islamic religion and the rules of the forum before posting
any game .

* Clarify the rules of the game clearly ; don't make it vague as to make it easy to all members
to play and participate * Otherwise it will be ignored .

Before participating in any game ; please consider the following

* Observance of good taste and public decency. Please consider the good * respectable and polite manner while playing

* Personal insults* racial slurs *abusing and swearing are strongly forbidden even if they were intended to be jokes

* Stick to the rules of the each game * and never participate for the sake of chatting only .

Any useless .. meaningless or unrespectable reply will be automatically deleted .

. : || Remember || : .

playing and having fun doesn't mean underestimating or disrespecting others . Treat others just as you want them to treat you* you'll be respectable only as you respect others .

ღ♥ . • : *¨`* : •彡 Enjoy your times 彡• : *¨`* : • . ♥ღ

Another thing:

If you have any questions about anything you can ask
the English Forum Supervisor .. ALtheeb ... AnGlina ....
anytime you want

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~ English Forum Supervisors ~

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